Need some help deciding on a new gaming monitor


Nov 14, 2007
I am upgrading from a 22" LCD monitor and there's two specs that are giving me a headache, response time and refresh rates.

What kind of response rate should I be looking for? And is getting a monitor capable of 120Hz refresh rate practical if I don't play games in 3D or will probably always own a mid to high end video card? I am currently running a GTX 460 1 gig.

I have two monitors in mind right now (BenQ (RL2450HT)25

& (ASUS VE258Q)

The Asus VE258Q is 1" larger. The only reason I am considering the BenQ is that they have a 0 dead pixel policy and the thought of spending this kind of money on a new monitor and see dead pixels stresses me out.


Apr 18, 2011
I will tell you right now, BenQ are notorious for ghosting and input delay issues across several tech platforms. Those monitors are 99% esports marketing.

Honestly, performance-wise in the sub $300.00 market I really think the Dell 23" IPS is the best thing on the market. It has the lowest input latency measured against a CRT of anything on the market right now, and its ghosting is the same as a standard TN panel. Add to that better color representation and honestly it's just the best thing in the price range, and you have to go quite a bit higher to actually surpass it.

I settled on it after a LOT of shopping around. I just couldn't find anything that was actually better, and I don't play 3D so I had no real interest in 120hz vs a better display quality.