Question Need some help identifying a problem. Video attached.

Aug 8, 2020
Evga 2080super Hybrid FTW3
8600k with Cryorig H7
GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 (rev. 1.0)
Evga1000p 1000w

Been using this rig almost a year now and i think this noise is getting worse. Im not sure because i used to always have headphones on when i turned on my gaming rig, but now its my all in one setup.
Basically. I have this loud high pitched whine and cant seem to figure out exactly what it is. If i take my GPU out and run onboard then it goes away and Everything is fine, dead silent, and working. I put my old 980ti hybrid in there and the noise is about half what it is of the 2080, still to much.
The temps in my case are fine, never go above 40c.
My performance is fine.
Everythings working just this piercing whine i cant seem to fix.
I took an old school Desktop microphone as seen in the vid, and probed around to try to isolate the noise. Its heavy around the psu and gpu.
Here is where i get a little upset, and confused. I have contacted EVGA about this, and i just dont understand the deal here. It takes 2-3 days to get a response back on my ticket and they just keep telling me to " Mount your radiator above the graphics card " Its like literally right there in front of them. Am i missing something here? Why do they keep telling me that? They said they think its air in the lines causing the noise...

Things ive done.
Dissambled entire rig, and put it back together making sure mobo is correctly seated, and everything was placed properly.
I tried multiple power outlets in the house.
Tried placing radiator at the front, top, back, and bottom of case and ran it for couple days each. No difference in any position.
Cleaned everything spotless.
My next step was to start buying parts and replacing one by one till it stopped. Starting with the PSU, then Motherboard, etc.. But i figured i'd ask the community first.
Thank you, here is the video that EVGA asked me to make..
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Could be coil whine from the card or PSU. If you have extra equipment past just a keyboard / mouse / monitor connected to the computer ports remove them all and see if that helps. I have a USB hub that causes quiet high pitched noise if it's sitting in some areas.