Need some help with compaq presario 1200-xl110


Jun 24, 2010
Hi All
I'm new here so I hope I'm in the right place. I have an old precario and I was hopeing that someone here could help me find the drivers for it. I had to get rid of the os windows 98 I had on here because I lost the password for it and now I can't install it again.for some reason. I got it onse but I could not get my screen to go into 256, that is what I need, all I had was 16 and 2. So I tryed to reinstall it but I t could not find the video driver. So I installed 2000 on it but I can't get no sound. I contacted compaq but they no londer have the drivers for this old thing and I was hopeing someone here could help me find them some where. I have been all over the net but have not had any luck. I would really like to get windows 98 back on here so my little one can play the old computer games on here they will not work on 2000. So if anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.
Thanks for anyone that can help me.