Question Need some help with my set-up

May 12, 2020

I was looking to get some help with my setup because I noticed that the temps seem to be pretty bad for both my Ryzen 5 3600 and ZOTAC 2060 SUPER Mini - CPU idles at around 51C - 71C under load and GPU idles at around 38C - 81C under load (both are stock and not OC'ed) in my Corsair Carbide 275R.

My current set-up makes use of the Corsair H60 AIO Liquid Cooler (currently used with a fan set to exhaust at the top of the case) but I'm looking to make changes to it pretty soon. I'm living in Singapore, so the ambient temps are usually around 31C - 36C but I'm not sure if this affects the temperature of the system that much.

I'm currently considering buying 2 Corsair ML140s and 1 ML120 and using them as intake fans on the front of the case (the case can fit 2 140MM and 1 120MM fan on the front, 2 120MM fans on the top, and 1 120MM fan on the rear). As for the rest, I'm not too sure how I want to set the fans up to be because this is my first custom gaming PC. I also have 1 be quiet! Silent Wings 3, and 2 stock fans that came with the case.

Any help with how I can improve my setup or tips on what parts to buy is much appreciated.

Thank you :)