Question Need some info on a few TV's please?


Apr 24, 2012
I'm shopping for a new TV, had this one for like 8 years. But I don't know alot about TV's now a days. I know the refresh rate, the resolution, HDR, 4k, Smart TV, and what not are things to look into. But is that all? Since walmart is having a sale on them, I was planning on picking one up, I'm stuck between 3!


I know Samsung usually makes good TV's, but I have a Vizio now and haven't had any issues. Plus the TCL looks pretty nice. I'm guessing the Samsung is the better one, but it's also more expensive. Is it better though? Or is it just of more quality? I just have no idea what to really go by. All 3 seem so similar, but priced different. I don't have a huge budget, so I'm iffy to go for the Samsung, but I'd hate to spend the money on the Vizio or the TCL if the Samsung has superior picture and what not.

I do plan on getting a sound bar aswell, was thinking of

Samsung R450
TCL Alto 7

All depends on which TV i get

Thanks for any and all help! I greatly appreciate it!


The really cheap TVs often don't have an over-the-air tuner. If you physically look at the TVs before buying, verify that they have a coax connector on the back. That will tell you that they have an over-the-air tuner. That way if you "cut the cable" you can use an antenna to receive local channels.