Need some info on intel chipset & motherboards.


Feb 1, 2007
Hi all,
I have to buy an Intel motherboard (for the office), and I need to know some infos...
1) which is the difference between a Q963 and a P965 ? It's just for the virtualization support?
2) are there any problem to put a x1950PRO on a VIIV certified motherboard? (it has the x3000 graphic accelerator integrated).
3) which models of intel motherboards have the 965 Chipset (I don't need the video integrated, but if I can turn it off it's ok), and which is the best to store data and work on photoshop?

thank you and sorry for my bad english, I'm italian ^^


Mar 16, 2006
Ok here we go:

the Q means (i think at least) that there is integrated graphics. also if you are going to put in a graphics card don't buy an motherboard with integrated graphics it's stupid and requires you to disable it to use your graphics card.

p965 chipset is better then the Q963 chipset but according to Intel the 975 is the best chipset. I just upgraded on a budget and got the Asus P5B-e motherboard.

the P5b-e has the better southbridge (8R) and supports firewire ,and ESATA making it easy to connect up an external hard drive. Also it supports and comes with a nice price tag ($150 from newegg) also anandtech has a nice review of this motherboards
also here is a bunch of test