Question Need Some Recommendations for Wi-Fi 6 Router and Mesh Networks


May 26, 2019
I am looking at installing a Wi-Fi Mesh solution in my home and am waiting for Black Friday or Cyber Monday for good deals on a Wi-Fi 6 router and mesh solution. I would like recommendations on reliable Wi-Fi 6 routers with mesh options to keep an eye on during those days. I am not an expert in Wi-Fi specifications. I don't want to go cheap or overkill, I am looking for a best value reliable setup for my home. My intended uses for the setup are 4K video and movie streaming, 1440p or 4K gaming, music streaming, and the common web browsing. The only brand that I am ruling out is Asus due to my poor experience with both their past products and customer service. I appreciate your assistance in recommendations.

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Actually asus is the brand you want if you want the newest technology. :) Not sure if can actually buy it but they have the very first wifi6e router. Wifi6e is going to be a massive increase in performance because it uses the new 6ghz radio channels. It is not so much it is 6ghz it is because there is so much bandwidth that you and all your nieghbors can use the 160mhz channels and not stomp on each other. The current 5g band really only has room for 1 160mhz person so everyone overlaps.

I strongly suspect by next summer everyone will have lots of wifi6e equipment available.

Most the application you list you do not want to run on any form of wifi and especially not a mesh system. Mesh systems are nothing new or magic they are just a slightly different form of wifi repeater. They still suffer from all the overhead of having to retransmit all the wifi signals and you also have many more radio connections that can take interference from the neighbors.

Your best option to extend wifi is to use ethernet and then put AP or a router running as a AP in the remote room. If you do not have ethernet but have coax tv cable you can use moca units. Then you consider powerline networks to get the signal to the remote room. When nothing is left to try you then consider wifi repeater/mesh systems.

Streaming video might be ok because of the buffers but any form of online gaming is going to be very poor running on a repeater.

My overall recommendation is to wait if there is any way. Wifi6e is going to be the biggest thing we have seen in wifi in years.


Jan 27, 2011
The Asus ROG Rapture GT-AXE11000 is literally overkill for any normal family. I'd buy a cheaper Asus router that supports AiMESH for now, then wait until the cheaper wifi 6E units come out next year. At least then, you're not wasting your money because you can continue to use the router as a mesh node in the future. Asus supports wired backhaul.