Need some urgent help with my lan


Jun 8, 2012
I have 14 pcs in one network using same workgroup and ips....but from last day i am having some problem with my lan...when i try to access my workgroup from any computer it shows message

and even sometimes it goes in the network it shows some pcs in that network but cant access it.(shows msg like network path cannot found)

so i changed all the workgroup name,ips,unplugged all network cables....changed my hub but it showing same problem. so i started check all computers one by one :pt1cable: :fou: . i got problem with one pc when i connect it in network all pc's network just goes down.(even it dont connect to the internet . i am using cable net. ). i tried change network cable of that pc and also tried with new lancard but still same problem.


May 11, 2012

Sorry for being critical, you may have just misworded what you meant, but you don't actually have the same IP configured all PC's do you?

If you do they should all be unique and within the network range determined by the subnet mask.

You may of meant same ip's as in the same network, I'm just asking to clarify.