Need some video capture card advice...


Sep 30, 2003
I have a small computer store, and get lots of requests for video capture cards and TV tuner cards. The last TV tuner card I bought was $55 and only did 640x480. I think I'd like to carry something better than that. For video capture cards I've checked out the ATI All in Wonder cards a few years ago, I think I'd like something that supports up to 1600x1200 resolution for the captured image. I haven't been too impressed with the ATI cards & drivers over the years, so I carry mostly nVidia stuff. I guess I'm looking for specific model numbers you would recommend so I can compare prices. Thanks!


Former Staff
I wouldn't go that far, because I've never seen one, and if you found one, it would probably be over $1000. Good cards can capture in DVD quality, usually 720i, which I believe is 720x1024. Hauppauge makes a VERY powerfull line of cards with their PVR series.

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