Question Need suggestion for new laptop with great screen

Mar 23, 2021
I recently purchased an Acer Aspire, and had to send it back because of backlight bleed around the edges. The replacement they sent had the same issue. I'd love some suggestions for a laptop with a great quality screen. Here are my needs and wants.

Based in USA

Laptop with 15 inch screen
1080P resolution (I would be OK with higher, but don't need it)
Nice screen (I want the screen to actually look nice while watching a film, with uniform darkness across as well as the colors not changing when your head tilts slightly)
$1,000 or less preferably.
A decent keyboard for typing would be nice.
That's about it

Suggestions? I feel like every tablet and phone I see has a great screen with nice colors, I just want to be able to enjoy watching a movie and never once think about the screen.


Not very many laptops with scaled up AMOLED screens or true OLEDs in 15"

What is this laptop for in general?

Not finding anything with an OLED screen in your price range, that isn't several years old already anyway.

Only advice beyond that would be to aim for higher end IPS displays. Most are going to have some sort of edge glow or bloom somewhere but it varies from panel to panel and model to model.
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Lenovo laptops can usually be customized.
One of the options may be for a HDR 4/500nit screen.
Here is one:
They are constantly having sales.
If you can't see exactly what you want online, give them a call.
If your budget permits, look at the thinkpad extreme 15" units.
They are very light and include discrete graphics.
Mar 23, 2021
Thanks for that info, I'll have to do a little more research so I can better understand all of this. It's just frustrating that every phone and tablet I've owned (including the cheap fire tablets) have had a nice looking screen with good colors, no light bleed, and you can look at it at an angle without the colors going crazy. I just want a laptop that looks good, and by that I think I mainly want it to be consistent more than anything else. If it doesn't have the deepest possible colors that's OK, as long as the colors don't change when you move your head half an inch. If going down to 14" improves things I could look there, but I really like having a decent sized screen. I'm also willing to fudge the $1,000 a bit if that's what it takes.