Need suggestion for upgrading RAM


Sep 10, 2016
Hello folks,
I'm planning to upgrade my PC. I am now only looking on to the memory section. I'm confused between two of my conclusions. Please let me know what would be the best for my case.
Before that, I would like to list out my system specs.
CPU : AMD FX-4300
MOBO : GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-S2 (AM3+ socket)
RAM : Dynet 4GB DDR3 1333MHz
Graphics Card : Nvidia GEForce GT 610

These are my options :
1) Simply Purchasing another stick of 4GB RAM mentioned above.
2) Opting HyperX Fury 2400MHz DDR3 8GBx2

The first option is very much less expensive than the second one. But I'm not sure how best the performance would be.
I'm slightly scared of second option - "what if it's really not worth?"
Because I assemebled this PC way back in 2012. So it is a bit old for now. In case if I might build another PC in near future, then it would obviously DDR4.

So, is it worth going for the second option keeping my 6+ years old PC?
I basically use for browsing, CS GO, photoshop, illustrator. (I'm not able to use these applications very smoothly. That's the reason for my upgrade) How best the performance might be on both of these above cases?

I would recommend you go to ebay and look for a 2x4 or 2x8gb kit there on the cheap. This system is already really old and quite weak so putting a lot of money into ddr3 that you can't reuse for a new system is not a great idea.

2x4gb kits (make sure it's NOT ECC RAM) can be had for as low as 20$ if you search around for a bit.

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