Question Need suggestions on a keyboard or add-on keyboard attachment with macro key capability


May 26, 2019
I am looking for a Christmas present for my father either a keyboard or add-on keyboard attachment with macro key capabilities. My preference is the add-on keyboard attachment. My father is currently receiving treatment for Parkinson's, but he is now deemed fit enough to resume travel and do work in both United Nations and humanitarian related fields. My father writes a lot of humanitarian reports and frequently uses words such as "United Nations" and "World Food Program." I am looking for an add-on keyboard device (or keyboard if that is the only option) with macro key capability designed to work with Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office and similar programs, so that he can input the texts of frequently used long phrases or titles, again such as "United Nations" or "World Food Program," with just one press of a macro key instead of having to repeatedly type the words. I would also like the device to be easily portable and light weight since Parkinson's limits the amount of weight that my father can carry. Depending on the choices that may be available if there is an add-on macro keyboard device, I am ok with either wireless or USB. If the macro key option is only available on a regular keyboard, I would prefer wireless.

Thanks in advance.


After reading through your thread, I thought about recommending a keyboard entirely in the 65% range to cater to the fact that your father can't carry that much due to his condition, stated here. Since a smaller keyboard would entail in a lighter keyboard, so to speak if you keep it to low quality plastic, then came across this article. From there I was lead to this product by Koolertron but it is steep in terms of pricing and he could perhaps do without that big of a macro pad and that rotary knob.

How about this one?
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