Question Need Suggestions on Gaming Monitors that are certified to work with both G-Sync and Freesync


May 26, 2019
Hi. I am looking at a gaming monitor for my next gaming PC that I will either build or purchase later this year. I am currently waiting to see what the story is with Nvidia's RTX 3000-series GPUs, how well they run with Intel and AMD CPUs, and what AMD and Radeon will offer with their newer Ryzen CPUs and Navi GPUs toward the end of the year. My intention is to purchase the monitor that I choose on either Black Friday or Cyber Monday when hopefully its price will be cheaper.

In terms of my use for the gaming monitor, I intend to use it for gaming obviously, but a secondary use could be a basic video editing of aerial footage from my drone which is capable of recording 4K video. I am looking for a monitor that will work with both Nvidia and Radeon graphics cards so I do not have to worry about replacing the monitor if I switch between Nvidia and Radeon graphics cards either during a gaming PC upgrade or replacement process. I am looking at a 24- or 27-inch 2560 x 1440 (1440P) 144Hz (or higher Hz) monitor, but am open to the possibility of a 4K gaming monitor if there is a good deal on a reliable model. I would like good response time for gaming, but I am also looking at a balance between good response time and good image quality. I would also like the monitor to support HDR for both G-sync and Freesync modes if that is possible. Please note, that I am open to suggestions on both lower and higher G-Sync and Freesync class categories of monitors.

I do not have an exact price range, but I am not looking at cheap or budget monitors or $1000+ monitors. I am trying to find essentially a "best bang for your buck" price for a gaming monitor, which I am assuming would be somewhere in the mid-range category of monitors. If it helps with your suggestions, depending on what the performance results and reviews are between Nvidia, Radeon, Intel, and AMD, I am looking at minimum an Nvidia RTX 3070 or Radeon equivalent or higher model (if pricing seems good) on the GPU end for high or ultra resolution settings at 1440P. Please note for the GPU, I am aiming around the point where the price-to-performance balance maxes out. For the CPU I will look at an upper end i5 or one of the i7 or i9 sub-models from Intel or an 8-core, 12-core, or 16-core Ryzen from AMD and decide among them which model would best meet my needs for both gaming and video editing. Like the GPU, I will also look at where the price-to-performance balance maxes out on the CPU, but I am willing to shell out a little extra money if a higher priced CPU reduces the chances that I need to upgrade the CPU when I replace the graphics card roughly two years down the roard.

I did do some research, but some of the monitor terminology is new to me. You can correct me if I am mistaken or missing something, but my understanding is that DisplayPort is used by both Nvidia and Radeon and is the best connection option for gaming for reasons such as the reduction or elimination of tears and stuttering because of communication between the GPU and monitor. For good gaming response time, my understanding is that I should look at a monitor with 1-5ms response time. For a good balance between response time and image quality, my understanding is that I should look at either an IPS or VA monitor. Lastly, my understanding is that a G-Sync compatible monitor is a Freesync monitor that is either designed to or certified to work with both Radeon and Nvidia graphics cards. Can you confirm whether or not I understood the mentioned information correctly?

On a side note, again my drone can shoot video at 4K. My understanding is if a 4K video file is played on a 1440P or 1080P display (either a TV or monitor), that the resolution is automatically downgraded to match the lower resolution of the display. When the video file is played on a lower resolution display, are the properties on the file changed for lower resolution or do the file properties remain the same and the file will display the video in 4K resolution when played on a 4K TV or monitor?

Thanks in advance.



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