Need to buy a large HDTV for displaying pix to group from Computer


The new generation LED HDTV should work. Use HDMI and it should be straight forward

LCD or LED should work just fine. Most of the HDTV on the market is now LED.

Last week i plug my notebook on a 65 INCH LED HDTV at one of the local stores. I tried a few games @ 1080P, Watch Blue Ray, Then open some documents. It works great.

I have existing setup on 3 HDTV since 2007 and it works great.... 50 Inch, 52 Inch, and 70 Inch. Early this year i added a 65 Inch LED HDTV.

All of my interface is HDMI.

I never tried Plasma so i can't comment on it.

If you are to purchase today LED or LCD should work just fine. I'll recommend LED.

I use mine for electronic design(electronic circuits). I like looking at my work at huge display.

I use it for play games at 1080P, and Blue Ray... One of my setup has Hauppage 2250 HDTV tuner. It records HD TV shows on the back ground. Playback is excellent.