Need to buy Smart Home Router

Your question is way to generic. It depends what features you find important. Some people want say VPN and others want fancy parental controls.

There are many sites that review routers but what is consider a "important" feature varies a lot.

A site I like is

This site though is a very tech oriented site that looks at things like router traffic rates and signal strength. It does not care as much about how easy the user interface is to use for example.


Jan 18, 2018
Recently i bought TP-LINK All-in-One AC1900 SR20 Smart Home Router and Hub here is the link

It provides two user interfaces to guide the user through setup of the router as well as any connected WiFi, Z-Wave, or ZigBee devices, I found some best features of it:
Experience Gigabit Wi-Fi with 1300 Mbps on 5GHz and 600 Mbps on 2.4GHz
Interconnect and communicate with your ZigBee and Z-Wave devices
Quick setup and network management with easy access to key features
Convenient control and remote management using the Kasa mobile app
Use the USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports to share photos, files, music and videos
Mar 8, 2018
Maybe you do not need a new router, maybe you should try Google Wi-Fi instead?

A friend of mine told me recently about this. So I bought it, tested and seriously it is by far the best solution I have ever tried.

If the wifi range is something you aim for, this can be something for you. I have a big house and I tried two routers, a router and a repeater and honestly Google Wi-fi was something that eventually solved my problems.
Feb 19, 2019
There are number of sites avaliable for smart home controllers/routers and provides services like home automation services. But they do not fall in price range or works upto the mark as mentioned.
I have used this Device called B One Eazy that controls many devices. I almost got connected to all devices i have. It also allow access and perform commands through your smartphone with just one command like Alexa | ..... or Ok Google | ...... . Also i have found the device seamlessly connects with IR and Wifi Devices.

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