Need to decide on card


Sep 10, 2009
Well I'd be going over budget with getting a 5870 or 5850, but by having dx11 and a faster card, I feel like I'd be adding a little more life into my machine, so I'd think it would justify the extra cost.

What would you say? Get a 5850 for $300 or spend the extra $80 to get a 5870?
Actually, the 5850 is slated to be released a little under $260, not $300.
If the Preview Benchmarks prove to be accurate, it may be worth the $40 premium from the GTX 275.

Huh, That is interesting.

Never mind...
Non-refundable. Exchange for defective unit(s) only. Pre-ordering available & Estimate Delivery Time: beginning of October.

I thought had it was not going to be released until early October.....
My guess it that zipzoomfly is pre-selling their expected initial delivery stock at a premium.
As the 5870 was almost instantly sold out, I have no doubt some n00bs are willing to pay the premium go get in the front of the delivery line.

The launch price for the 5850 is $259 and it should be available in early October.
The preliminary benchmarks for the 5850 were actually done with a 5870 with features turned off to simulate a 5850. Soooo . . . since I believe in trust but verify . . .

If I had the $370, and wanted to buy now, I'd buy the 5870. If I wanted an extra $110 in my pocket, I'd wait until I saw the first real, competitive, 5850 reviews. Its only a week or two. Then I'd decide.
1) The HD5850 and HD5870 both have idle power of only 27Watts. That's far below anything in the class. Not to mention DX11.

2) NVidia is releasing it's new cards before Christmas likely. If they are comparable, don't forget that only NVidia has PhysX support.

If I was building a reasonably future-proof gaming PC that won't break the bank I'd do this:

Motherboard: 1156
CPU: i5-750
Graphics: HD5850 (or comparable NVidia card)