Need to replace my home wireless equipment?

May 4, 2018
Hi, New to post.. lurked for years. I just upgraded my internet speed. But following you guys's recommended format I ll give specs first.

- Provide us with the make and model of your router - Netgear WNR2000v5 version V1.0.0.62
Havent updated to V1.0.0.64 yet.
- Provide us with the make and model of your modem - Motorola surfboard SB6121
- Provide us with the exact specifications of your PC (if applicable) including:

- Make and model of motherboard - Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 R5 (Version F2 bios 04/01/2015)
- Make and model of power supply - Corsair CX 850m
- Make and model of USB or PCI Wifi adapter - I honestly dont recall, I believe its a tplink
- Operating system and driver version - Win 7

- You will also need to post your ISP and connection type*. - Charter/cable
- You will also need to post the exact number of devices connected to your router - Usually about ten at a time. Big house.

So my question is mostly looking for advice on what to replace the stuff with. I just got upgraded to 300mbps down 20 up speed and my current equipment cant handle that and limits it severely.
Also need to replace my pci card in my pc to handle it (And I busted the antenna >.>)
Any advice is lovely. Hoping not to slay my bank account on this.
You first need to check and see what modem the ISP supports for your connection where you live. It can vary from city to city. Do not buy anything not on the list even though it technically might work the ISP will most times not activate it.

It is not very likely you are ever going to get 300mbps on a wifi connection unless you are sitting next to the router...and you might as well use ethernet. This is mostly related to the signal loss in your house and interference from neighbors wifi. In some perfect lab you can get speeds like that but in many houses you have to be happy if you can get above 100mbs. Some lucky people can get close to 300 using higher end equipment.

Your PC and router must both have the more advanced equipment. The most common will be a 2 antenna solution. This matches to what is call by router manufactures as ac1200. You can go with 3 antenna solutions for a bit more. Routers and cards are called ac1450 that do that. There are many routers that attempt to use a 4 antenna solution but the pc cards that support that are kinda expensive.

I would look at routers/nic cards that say the support ac1200 or ac1450.

If you really want to use the 300mbps you are paying for you need to find a way to use ethernet cables.