Need to replaec my 7-old printer


Hi all
Well the time has come to replace my 7-old HP printer
Well i need recommendation for a good printer with the price up to $100 or a little more + memory card support + (if possible 64 bit support its not a priority )

I almost exclusively use HP for printers for the following reasons

1. Good color(came from a cannon BJC 4200 and 2100 they both banded colors allot)
2. Lower ink price(more pages per dollar, not the price of the cartridge it self)
3. Memory card support of most all in ones.(Even without the PC in some cases)
4. For the price you get a decent All In One now.

All this said i do not do much printing at all so i can not make a definitive suggestion. For real, i print less then 20 pages a year most of the time.

Anyone else out there who does lots of printing.
Hmmmmm i think that printer has near identical specs to the 920c. If thats so(it even takes the same ink cartridges) i would not even bother replacing it.

The reason behind this is the large cartridge capacity(25 black 19 color vs 10black and 8 color on most new printers) of that machine. New printers use much smaller print cartridges that need to be replaced more often so the cheaper price is not cheaper(almost the same) in a pages per dollar sort of way.

Thats a solid printer. that even after years of sitting still works like new(our 920c). and its still my first choice for photo printing(even tho i had a photo cartridge for another one).

But like i say....i have printed 1 photo this yeah....not allot of printing...

Noe i am gonna go try to fix my old printer :)


Well actually i didnt want to replace it but it isnt the printer it was, it doesnt print like before and has some other problems. we send it for repairs but when it came here it has alot of new problems
I dont print alot myself but my sister has lots of printing to do for her university.
are you looking more black and white? or a little of both(color for charts)? What about scanning?

In general printers are cheaper everyday... give me a sec to look at some...

A quick look at a local shop shows a C4280(Copy Scan Print Memory cards) at $100 CAD(no clue on the exchange rate)
One review - Complains about ink costs but 15-$30 seems cheap when we used to pay near 80 for a color and 50 for a black on the 920C. Check what the cartridges go for where you live. Also note you can safe allot of ink with the draft and fast normal modes with almost no difference in quality on text.

Also be warned most printers do not come with a USB cable....
Thats should work, but there is no memory card slots on that printer.

Make sure you get the high capacity cartridges.
HP 54 - Black
HP 57 - Color

21 and 22 are low capacity and just don't last long...

Remember to get the most out of the print cartridge check the settings and see what works best for you

I find fast draft is not bad at all...


Feb 21, 2002
buyer beware if you buy a HP printer. Besides selling proprietary cartridges, the cartridges have expiration dates and the printer WILL NOT PRINT after the cartridge expires, even though it has plenty of ink.
ALL printer cartridges are proprietary. Did you ever try to make a Cannon one fit in a Lexmark? It takes a lot of hammering and it still prints bad(tends to leak allot too after you hit it a few times)....

Those dates must be far off in the future. I have had them on the shelf for years before use and they work just fine.


Mar 17, 2006

Maziar, If you don't print that much why won't get a $50 printer? saves you alot of cash and when your ready to replace them again new and better models will be out. Sometimes Bestbuy or Staples have those $50 printers.



It sounds like you might like the new Lexmark X3650 (,6970,204816596_653293766_1226052296_en,00.html?tabId=1). It costs about $70 in the US, and comes with memory card readers (they work with/without a PC), scanner/copier, etc. If you are interested in high yield cartridges, get the 36XL and 37XL, which are a better deal than the regular 36 and 37.