[SOLVED] Need to test Intel i7 6700 & Asrock Z170 Pro4s

Feb 12, 2022
I recently recieved a possible bad CPU or motherboard that often blue screened.
It got replaced on a store's advice but I don't trust a word they said since they put so much thermal paste on the replacement cpu that I had to clean out the socket, like 6 times too much or more.

I want to test this mobo and cpu so I scavenged some parts laying around here that would work.

Psu : corsair VS650
(not sure if this is a good idea since everyone told me it's trash and a risk for the system)

GPU: GTX 750ti

Memory: 1 stick of Crucial Ballistix RGB BL2K16G32C16U4RL

Storage: I'll use a very old HDD out of some pc I got in the basement.

I'm just a bit scared to try this out of fear destroying something, mostly my Memory since it comes out of my current build.

Would it be safe to try this build with these parts?
And if I do what would be the best way to test the system?

Thank you!