[SOLVED] Need to update mobo's BIOS for CPU compatibility but don't have a second CPU. Suggestions please.

Jul 16, 2019
I bought the ryzen 5 3400g CPU with integrated vega 11 graphics to build a budget pc. I also bought an ASUS prime b450m-a/csm because it was described as being compatibale out of the box with the ryzen 5 3400g. But that is not the case... After finishing the build and booting up the pc, nothing displays to the monitor. I tried two different monitors, both hdmi and vga inputs and still nothing. So after some research I came to the conclusion that I need to update the mobo's BIOS for it to be compatible with the ryzen 5 3400g. But here's the real problem, I don't have a second cpu to use in order to do the BIOS update...

So should I get a cheap cpu to do the BIOS update, and if so do they have any cheap cpu's with integrated graphichs? Or would I have to buy a cheap graphics card too? Should I just return my asus b450m and get a different mobo that is compatible out of the box with my ryzen 5 3400g? Should I see if a local computer shop can do the BIOS update for me, and if so about how much would that cost? These are the only options I could think of, if you have any input or any different suggestions entirely I would very much appreciate the feedback.
I think all the options that you mentioned will work.

I think the two cheaper ones would be to return the board or have a computer shop do it for you.

If it were me....I'd probably get another board.,...as that may be the easiest.