Need to upgrade water cooling for my Athlon Mobil


Oct 8, 2004
Thanks for taking the time to review my question suggestions are greatly welcomed.

I reciently installed my new Athlon Mobil 2500+ in my MSI Nforce2 chipset. I also currently own the Thermaltake Aquarus 2 liquid cooling set. I wish to clock it as much as I can but only have a budget of $55 looking at upgrading ONE componet to increase the cooling effectivness. My question is: Should I upgrade the Radiator or the Heat Block? Also, Which product do you recomend?
I had one of those. Upgrading is a bitch:

Pump? Too powerful and the tube / connections would leak
WaterBlock? - Must work with low flow rates and those small tube sizes
Rad? - I emailed Thermaltake about this, they never got back to me.

I decided to put together a new one instead.

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Aug 2, 2001
I think this explains it

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Dec 31, 2007
For just one component and a $55 cap, it's hard to say. I'd say that the radiator is probably of most importance, so I'll concentrate on that.

The Black Ice radiators are good. A 120mm Black Ice Pro will run around $50. The 120mm Black Ice Extreme would be much better, but it also costs a bit more at around $65. You'd need to add a 120mm fan to that though, which will add another $10-$20

Of course in your case, your pump is also pretty sorry. :\ (At least it should be pretty quiet at its specs.) I'm not sure how badly that will affect you specifically, but a new pump and reservoir might be good things to invest in one day. If you do that, then you might as well also get wider tubing and a new waterblock as well.

But yeah, if I had to upgrade just one item now, it'd probably be the radiator.

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