Question Need Urgent Advice for PC not working!

Apr 14, 2019
hello so ever since plugging in a line in from speakers into the motherboard I have had trouble with my pc. Starting it lights up the pc however its black and wouldn't turn on I replaced the motherboard and had that done professionally. My specs are an i7 6700 non k and a gtx 1060 16 gb of ram and a h170 pro Asus motherboard. The power supply works well as I have had that tested. Could this be a ram issue? Last week I tinkered some settings in the bios. Could resetting the cmos work? I have seen other people say that switching the ram slots worked for them. Any ideas? The whole build was dissembled and moved to a new case yesterday so all the components were reassembled and put back professionally. I have my doubts it's the motherboard as I have replaced it and it still doesn't work.
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