Need urgent help. built new pc and lan port isn't working.


Jul 20, 2011
Hi, I'd appreciate all the help I can get. Yesterday, I built a pc -
asrock z77 pro3 mobo, i5 3570k 3.4ghz, ati 7950, 8gb kingston ddr3 1600mhz ram, corsair 650w psu, a hyper 212 evo and a 500gb hdd with a 128gb ssd all in a cm haf912 case.

My problem is that everything works fine except for the inbuilt gigabit lan port. I'm accessing the net through an old pci-e slot network card i found, and I'd really like to use the inbuilt gigabit port. The realtek drivers do not appear under device manager. I installed the latest network drivers from asrock - (Realtek Lan driver ver:7048 for 64-bit win 7), I tried various things I read online like removing the ram for a few minutes, disabling the NIC and sleep mode. I always get this message when installing the driver : "Realtek ethernet cable was not found if deep sleep mode is enabled plug the cable" I've done everything I've read online and from reformatting to removing the ram. Is this a software or hardware problem? In the bios, i made sure the adapter was enabled. another thing is that there is no light coming from the port when the lan cable is inserted into the port. there is a light from the pci adapter so i'm not sure if it's faulty. I've also checked that the cables are fine. I hooked them up to my macbook and ps3 and the network was fine. Please if you guys could help me resolve this early so I can take a long drive and get it changed if necessary.


You have an SSD, so I would recommend that you never use sleep or hibernate, just set your power setting to turn off your monitors at some point.

If the built in LAN is enabled in the bios and no lights work and you cannot install drivers, the port is likely faulty and I would replace the board.


Sep 26, 2013
Mine wasn't working when I first booted up, but then I installed the LAN drivers & it worked fine, maybe try reinstalling LAN drivers?

The LAN port itself could also be faulty, which means you should get it replaced if that's the case