Need urgent help with my computer


May 7, 2009
I was playing a game [bf3] on my desktop, when it suddenly died down.
Now it will not turn itself back on again.
I'm guessing it's PSU failure.
Can you guys please determine whether it is a psu failure based on my following situation?

1. Fan was quite noisy the last 2 days - not sure whether it was the gpu cpu or the psu, but I installed 3rd party fans for the cpu and gpu within 6 months, as for the cpus and gpus itself, cpu {Piix4955} is 1.5 yrs old, gpu [gtx560 oc gigabyte]is just under a year old. As for the psu it's 2.5 yrs old.

2. 10 minutes before failure I did smell some burning smell *very minor*, but I was too busy playing bf3 -_-.

3. Right after failure, I immediately opened the case. The fan on the psu was running, and the LED on the power switch was flashing on and off at regular intervals. The top of the case was noticeably hot [psu located on top, not bottom of case].

4. I turned off the PSU power switch, 10 seconds later i turned it on again, then the psu fan automatically started spinning although I've yet to turn on the pc. After the whole PC cooled down naturally, the psu fan will not spin anymore.

5. Pushing the pc power switch on, I notice that the CPU fan moves/twiches very slightly. Other than that nothing happens.

I'd like your opinion on whether a psu failure is the most likely cause of this.



What brand is your PSU? It really sounds like it's the cause of this... best case scenario, the PSU burnt out and nothing else. Worst case scenario, the PSU burnt out and took the motherboard and maybe CPU out with it. The best thing you can probably do is test a different unit in it if possible; if not, then... well... I'd say it's time to buy a new one anyway and hope everything else still runs.