Need used laptop recommendations with these specs


Aug 17, 2014
Hi all! I'm not super laptop fluent and would like an advice on choosing a laptop with the following requirements:

  1. Can be used. Price capped at $350-$400.
  2. Much preferred 17", at very least 15"
  3. Must be convertible, 2in1 or with detachable keyboard and (obviously) a touch screen.
  4. Must be Windows 10/11
  5. Glass screen preferred. If not, I could probably use a glass screen protector
  6. 16 Gb RAM preferred
  7. Does not need to be very fast of have dedicated graphics.
Looks like Surface Book 1st gen would suffice but they are 15" max and even those are hard to find within the price range...
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I'm not

Those are non-touch screen, not 2in1 and have 4Gb RAM...
Apologies, that was the landing page for the current Inspiron and the 2 in 1 model they offer which is well above the price you are looking for.

The Dell Outlet would be the place to look for such, but consider that your price point is probably too low, even for factory refurbs.

Refurbished Laptops, Desktops & Monitors | Dell USA

They have made a bevy of "flip screen" type laptops over the years.

The only other convertible "tablet style laptop like device" that I am aware of is the Asus Transformer. It does not appear to be available in all markets any more and is well smaller than what you are looking for.