Need video card help for Aion.


Oct 10, 2009
Hi, recently bought aion, been playing wow mostly problem free(except for dalaran occassionaly)

Computer info
Dell 9100 dimension
2.8 dual core
1gb memory(dunno if it's ddr, ddr-2) have 4 slots(currently use 2 512mb) If i upgrade this, what am i looking to upgrade this to?
ati X600(aion requires X700 minimum, so I can play, but causes occassional crashes, kernel_stack_inpage_error) Looking to upgrade this too, but don't know how to tell if this is a pci or pci-e

Bought the pc in october of 05 if it helps.



Aug 24, 2008
I assume you have windows XP. What I would do is upgrade to atleast 2 1 gig sticks of ram for a total of 2 gigs. Then depending on in you have a PCI X slot, I would get probably a ATI 4670, or a Nvidia 9600. I recommend either of these because I assume you have the original PSU and it probably couldnt handle much more power drain from a more powerful card.
There are several 9600 cards, look for the fully featured 9600GT rather than the GSO, some versions of this card are a good deal less powerful.
According to Dell, the Dimension 9100 has a PCI-E X16 slot and a 375W PSU, if you want to push for more performance the are low power 9800GT cards for the $100 mark at Newegg and that would be my choice-More power than the cards so far mentioned but still not needing an extra power lead.