Question Needing a good drive dock...


Within the last year I have purchased (3) drive docks that were 3.5/2.5 dual slot with the USB 3 connector. One of them was Wavlink, one of them was (something like) SoHoy or SoJoy, and the other was Sabrent.
Each of these had to be returned within days because they simply would not perform the job I needed done. Most often I need them to be able to pull personal data, format, etc. such that I can then drop the drive into a system open and ready for use there. Each of the three had issue with file transfers in excess of 1TB. Most of them would quit before that.

I tried using fans, one of the ones I got HAD a fan. IDK if that was the specific issue (overheating) but each one of them displayed about the same characteristic failure where it would get a good way through a transfer and just drop out, unavailable until power cycled and re-connected. In place of this I have been utilizing an older (PC) system I have on hand, and the USB installer for Windows in order to clean these off. Data backup out of a drive with OS on it can be quite tricky without a working dock...

I don't specifically need anything fancy for this. It could get used 4 times in the same week, and then not looked at for 6. I just need it to stay connected and work properly for these tasks. I will shortly have a new round of Dell 5th gen (Intel) Optiplex coming in and want to be ready.

Can anyone recommend a brand that you are using that has stayed working?


Mar 16, 2013
Something along the lines of this one, but with (2) bay slots. If you have had that puppy in use for 4 years, I'm going to search that brand right away. Thanks for the suggestion.
I'll be using it this afternoon, in the restructuring of the NAS storage devices.

It has never once failed to do its thing.
I'm not seeing a 2 bay version. But...2 of them would work the same.