Needing advise on Fan management


Jul 14, 2009
A couple days before I can consider making part orders and one of the last crunch items is if I want to purchase extra fans or not. Sticking with the Xaser VI case (thermaltake) which has 3 fans default and one optional VGA. But then another two fans optional not counting heatsink fans.

140mm Case Fan:

I've got three concerns...

First, is it safe to mix-and-match fan types? I could stick with the TurboFans that thermaltake makes but their $20-25 each.

Second, can someone explain the basics of fan connections? I get what 3-pin and 4-pin are about but I'm observing at least 8 fans in that list if I wanted to max it out... that is a lot of connectors isn't it? Would I -need- a fan controller? Should I be getting one anyway? Can a single controller handle that many?

What should I look for in a good fan? I don't mind hearing a fan (especially if I know I'm working the computer hard) but I really don't need to be talking over it, or having to turn up the TV / music extra just because of it. What should I know about thermal sensors?

Trying to learn the ins-and-outs of this stuff, if there is a nice article out there I'd appreciate it just the same.
You can mix and match and those turbo fans are fairly quite at a mere 16dBa, 8 of them should only push the noise level up to 27dBa, but do you really need 200 CFM passing through your case? And if you are going to spend 200 on case fans you should probably just invest in liquid cooling at that point.


Jul 28, 2009
The more airflow the better so long as you've got the power plugs for all of them. Make sure your MB has the necessary connectors or go and get yourself a fan controller so you can turn them down when the noise of the vortex gets on your nerves.