Needs help with art/graphic monitors choices (true 8bit)

Feb 3, 2019
I'm looking at getting a new monitor and have narrow it down to a couple. I'm coming from (Sony XBrite SDM-HS95P) and would like to get one that is better for digital art. I do some gaming but it's not a big deal to me.

  • My system is Dell Xps8300

    Intel core i7-2600 cpu 3.40ghz

    Ram: 12gb

    Windows 7 home premium

    64bit system

    Nvidia Geforce GTX 750ti
I recently got an Acer R221Q bid 21.5-inch IPS and it hurt my eyes(even after 18hrs of not using it). Had it for nearly 3 weeks and did find it there was a problem with the sharpness on it. However, I was not sure if I was one of those few people who cannot use FRC.

Therefore, I'm looking for a monitor that is a true 8bit with High sRBG coverage. No larger than 25inch panel and flicker free. Budget is $400 (USA). Don't mind TN, VA, or IPS as I have read that some graphic designer will use TN so long as it's good enough. I wear glasses so I am not sure if 1400p or up would be too hard for me to read. I do a lot of online reading so making sure I can read is important. Monitor distance is about 25 inches to 30inches.

These are the monitors I have found that I can get from a local store (walmart or bestbuy) and not through online retail as i want to have an easier return. However, if anyone has a monitor that they would like to suggest I am all ears. Hopefully to find one that last me as many years as my old one.

For True 8bit I have found these.
23.8 Benq BL2420PT (IPS) (sRGB 100%) 1440p $229
25 BenQ PD2500Q (IPS) (sRGB 100%) 1440p $299
23.8 Dell S2417DG (TN) (sRGB 95%) 1440p $349
25 Dell U2518D (IPS) (sRGB 99%) 1440p $334
24.1 Asus PA24AC (IPS) (sRGB 100%) 1200p $399
21.5 BenQ GW2270 (VA) (sRGB 90%) 1080p $89
Comparison of 1440p
Comparison of 1080p and 1200p

For 8bit that use FRC (From my understanding you can turn off FRC if it's an 8bit+FRC with Nvidia.)
24.1 BenQ SW240 (AHVA IPS) (sRGB 100%) 1200p $399 (best buy comes with hood?)
24.1 Asus PA249Q (AH-IPS) (sRGB 100%) 1200p $329
25 DEll UP2516D (AH-IPS) (sRGB 100%) 1440p $368
Comparison of the above

Any help would be nice, thank you.


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