Question Neewer Nw-800

Feb 23, 2019
So I wanna buy a microphone, found an amazing one(Neewer Nw-800) and I have a dell Optiplex 9020 refurbished and modified, On my computer I have added 8 gb ram which makes it 16 gb ram ddr3 with a intel core i7 4790 and a 2tb hddall added with a gtx 1050 low profile (non t i) I have not upgraded my PSU so the 240watts it is!

I wanna buy the microphone and I don't have money(that's why I would have bought a more expensive pc,mic,everything)to spend on a phantom power supply or an adaptor(I'm only 13).
The microphone requires 5 volts and most people are saying I need an adaptor which is true, but I looked into some forums
and it says the audio card is 'two-channel High Definition Audio ' I look into that and on wikipedia(e veryone's most trusty website) and find that it in facts supports 5 volts

What I wanna know is:
Can I just plug the mic in and it would work?
Would my pc explode because of something?
Would it cause explosions and [censored] ups because the audio thingy only supports 5 volts and the microphone needs 5 volts, I plug in headphones(uses usb) + the mic and my pc doesn't get raped?
and what is the best adaptor I can buy(my last resort)? :)

edit:OH WAIT
Im retarded, I literally have a sound card installed with the motherboard,but still probably should get one to make the audio better.
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Does the following link show the desired microphone?

The 3.5 mm male TRS plug should be compatible with any corresponding audio card's female TRS port. Or any such audio ports built into the motherboard and/or front panel of your computer.

What sound card is installed installed with the motherboard? Check Device Manager if necessary and then go to the applicable manufacturer's website to find the sound card's specs and User Guide/Manual. You will likely need to download the current drivers for the sound card.

Once the sound card drivers are installed, configure as required to enable the sound card as the default audio device.

Then you simply plug in the 3.5 mm microphone port into the audio card's microphone port.

Do be aware that if your computer has Windows 10 installed then you will likely need to go into the audio settings to do some additional configuration - i.e., default device selection.

To get to the audio settings right click the small speaker icon usually located in the lower right screen corner.

Start with "Open Sound setttings".