Neopower info - help!


Jan 16, 2005
I have just started building a new system and bought a Neopower 480 based on the good reviews about it. To my dismay when opening the sealed box I could see straight away that a connector cable was lying loose from being severed - the fan signal connector. Both wires appeared to have been chopped and one wire was even cut a second time. The box was fully sealed before opening and was not damaged. Thinking that I could repair this later I installed the system which started first go - BUT - the PSU fan did not spin at all. I let it go for a while thinking that this was one of its quiet features but it thermally cut out soon after. (specs didnt give any RPM thresholds or limits) Is this PSU stuffed or does the fan signal cable definately need to be connected for the system to work? I had to order the PSU and get it delivered because it wasnt available locally. Thanks for reading.


Jul 6, 2003
Send it back.

Go to and see if you purchased it from a reliable vender.

If so have it exchanged, if not ask for a cash refund and get it from a top rated store.