Question Nephew factory reset Alienware Laptop and I can't figure out how to prioritize dedicated video card


Mar 26, 2017
So my nephew factory reset this old alienware laptop I gave him a couple years back, so that way he could get it to run better I'm guessing.

However, after he did that he noticed that games actually ran worse than it did with a massive amount of junk on it. So I was trying to figure out if the graphics card needed an update and I forgot what the graphics card was so I looked at the diagnostic report and the display read the intel card.

So I've been searching up ways to swap it over and have it prioritize the dedicated card by using the NVidia control panel, no matter how many times I keep setting the option to use the GeForce card the diagnostic still reads Display 1 - Intel Graphics HD.

I'm at a loss as to what I can do here, I tried going into the Bios but it doesn't have an option to prioritize what video card feeds into the display.

Things are only getting more confusing. I connect a second monitor and it says Display 1 is reading the intel integrated card, and Display 2 is reading the GeForce card.