Question Netflix with a VPN


Feb 12, 2008
Somewhere I got lost in time, at 70 do a lot of reading. I getting new internet service with unlimited data cap, first time in my life. Been reading people stream Netflix with Express VPN, do you have to have a Netflix account to do this?


No, you need to create an account on Express VPN's site however my question is why would you need a VPN anyway? I use Netflix and I don't need a VPN at all. In fact the tele's got Netflix as well, they don't require a VPN of any sort.
The only reason you would need a vpn with netflix is if you are trying to get around some restriction. Netflix actually does not work on some vpn. Not sure why they work on some and not others but netflix will give you a error if you try to play it on some vpn services.

So if you for example were trying to watch netflix from a country that they do not offer services you need to find a vpn that works with netflix. Even then you have to be creative because they will also block on billing address.
netlix is a paid service. The VPN is for people that actually want to pay netflix but netflix is not allowed to sell their service to people in certain countries. So people that REALLY want netflix pay twice, once for netflix account and then for a vpn service


The only reason people use a VPN with Netflix is to get around Region Restrictions. Not for nefarious purposes per se.

Yes, Netflix is a paid service. Many people buy 1-2 months of Netflix, watch their exclusive movies and shows until they get bored with their library. Then go buy 1-2 months of HBO MAX, then cancel. Then buy 1-2 months of Amazon prime, then cancel etc... It's a good way to save money without paying for a whole cable package. At roughly $10-$15/mo for each service, it's very affordable for what you get.
May 3, 2021
Using a VPN for Netflix allows you watch titles that are not available in your region. Yes, you need to have a Netflix account and a VPN account if you are looking to stream shows and movies. Express VPN is getting less popular with Netflix streaming. People are now using Ivacy, Surfshark, Cyberghost for streaming. They are cheap as compared to Express and works perfectly fine.