Question Netgear C6250 Wifi Lag


Dec 21, 2017
Hey, I currently am using the Netgear C6250 Modem here. I play CSGO, and I have had ping spikes for an eternity, I know that using wireless can cause ping spikes, so I decided to get a wifi extender( I cannot use a direct ethernet cable to my modem, as I live with my family and would have to move my router across the house, which will not work in my situation).
I bought the Netgear AC1200 Extender, hoping an ethernet connection would help my lag. It did not change anything. My ping is fine, but about every minute or so, experience ping spikes up to 300ms from my normal 25-50. If anyone knows any solution to this, it would be greatly appreciated.
Not sure why you think a extender would make any difference. All you really did was connect a wifi nic card via a ethernet cable rather than say a USB cable. It will still get the same crappy wifi signal your other wifi card did. Now if you could run it 20-30ft down the hall closer to the router it might make a difference but who knows.

Best option is likely to buy powerline networks that use the electrical wires as ethernet. You want the ones that say av2. Most these units are 600 or 1200. Of course like wifi you get only a tiny fraction of that speed but the latency on powerline is very consistent which makes games work much better than wifi