Question Netgear GS324v2 - 24port Gigabit Unmanaged Switch is showing "Unidentified Network - No Internet access"


Mar 19, 2014
I recently installed a GS324v2 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch up in our attic that routes out to over 30 different devices across my 2-story house via 10-15 ethernet cables where some of them hook up to a 5-port gigabit ethernet switches (GS305). I installed the switch back on September 3rd after we upgraded to 1GB internet, after 2 weeks on September 17 the new switch suddenly stopped working and would no longer relay the internet connection through the ethernet cables to any of the devices (Roku TV's, Xbox's, Desktops, MacBooks, Laptops, etc.).

There's a 100ft CAT-8 ethernet cable that runs from the router through the side of the house and up into the attic that plugs into the switch. I've taken 2 different laptops up into the attic and plugged them in to that 100ft CAT-8 ethernet cable directly and the internet connection works like a charm so I know its not a bad cable (900 Mbps down and 890 Mbps up).

Now as soon as I realized that the 100ft CAT-8 ethernet cable was not the problem I figured that the switch had gone bad somehow after only 2 weeks, so I ordered a replacement on the 18th and installed it today on the 21st of September. Thought this would fix everything but unfortunately it did not, and the switch is still not relaying the internet connection through the ethernet cables. I've talked with Netgear premium support and they were essentially no help, and told me if its not a network loop then they don't know what it is which is why I've come here since replacing it obviously didn't solve anything.

The only clue that I have to go off of is the fact that on my windows desktops and laptops that are connected via ethernet through the switch, show "Unidentified Network - No Internet access" in the Network & Internet Settings where there would be an ethernet connection. I consider myself a rather technical person and I'm the go to tech guy for my immediate family and extended family, but I have absolutely no idea what is going on here as its not just one device that is having the issue, it is every single device that is hardwired to the switch.

Also if it helps at all my router is a Netgear Nighthawk XR500. Please help me out here, thanks!
It may not be your problem but if you have cat8 cable it is a fake cable. I don't think they certified cat8 cable yet and it is designed to run either 40 or 100gbit. Even if it really is available it is going to be extremely expensive and even more expensive if you have outdoor rated cable.

What I would do is take the router up into the attic and use a short ethernet cable connect one of the lan ports to the switch. This will not give you internet it is purely to test the switch works and everything else except the long cable outside the house. On end devices you should now see IP addresses from the router and you should be able to ping the router IP and very likely even get into the admin pages on the router.

If this works then it is the long cable. Fake cables especially long ones have all kinds of problems. They work with some devices but not others. Even real ethernet cable that is not designed for outdoor use can have issues. The sun and rain will damage the cable over time. If this was outdoor rated valid ethernet cable the most common problem is just the ends. I would first check the markings on the cable and check for any obvious damage, wire staples or something could have crushed and cracked the internal wires.

If you need to replace the outdoor cable use cat5e outdoor rated cable. This will provide 1gbit of bandwidth and higher "cat" numbers will not provide any benefit unless you get 10g ports on your equipment. You would then use cat6a cable, again outdoor rated. You can use indoor cable outside but it will likely only last a year or two if it is exposed to sunlight or is in direct contact with the ground. Make sure the cable is pure copper with wire size 22-24