Netgear N300 Wirless USB Adapter Help Please


Feb 5, 2012
I just bought the Netgear N150 today, used it for 20 minutes and returned it to radio shack as I could barely hit 50kbs d/ls.

I now have the N300 Wireless Adapter, the box has claims of gaming performance, high download speeds...the works. ..yet I have seen no representation of that,

I can't keep a steady download speed, it spikes anywhere from 100 bytes a seconds to 500 k/bs. I am 15 feet from router.

Browsing is just as terrible as download speeds.

I used the install disk that came with the adapter, didn't install their networking software as it layers the connection and makes it even worse. So I just installed the driver from disk and opted to use windows networking.

I could really use any help that anyone may have too offer, I hope to get this problem resolved.

Here is a pic of my network info if it helps:


Apr 6, 2011
I have this same wireless usb adapter and mine works fine. I never get dropped from games, BF3 plays smooth constantly, no lag. When i download anything (ie games off steam) i get atleast a constant 700kb/s. You might have environmental problems like Hang suggested, and i would second Hang's other suggestions as well.