NetGear Wifi extender keeps dropping connection and then picking back up


Feb 24, 2014
My net gear wifi extender is connected to my virgin media superhub router. The connection as fast and responsive when running however it experiences frequent drops, For example I will disconnect for about 20 seconds and then reconnect to the wifi extender.

Im running windows 8, but it also affects My tablets and ps4

Im not sure if its related but when the connections does drop it doesn't show im disconnected in my status bar on my computer.

If anyone could help that would be great as it really interrupts my gaming :)
That is a very common problem with extenders. They by themselves degrade the wireless signals and then if you get any form of external interference it increases the damage done. You in effect have 2 time the radio signals that can cause you a headache.

The reason you likely see it not disconnect from you is it has disconnected from the main router. I would try to move the repeater closer to the main router. The optimum placement is pretty much halfway between the main router and the users.

20 seconds is a huge time it may be having a issue getting the session reestablished with the main router.

I suspect the only real solution you are going to get for a game is to use a ethernet cable. Even 1 second delays where no data is lost many times make some game unplayable.