Netgear - Wired and Wireless Printer Problem


Jun 16, 2008
Hi All

I have set up Linksys networks that shared printers between wired and wireless users, but I am having a devil of a time getting my mothers Netgear WPN824v2 Router to work. My dad has a Vista computer that is hooked to a USB printer that my mom wants to use over their LAN. She is on a wireless XP laptop. She can see his computer on the network but cannot see his printer. He cannot see her computer at all over the network but can Ping and TraceRT to it, so it is a little confusing to me why he cannot see hers. The WPN824 shows both of the client computers as accessed to the router and both can access the internet.

Like I said, I have set up several Linksys networks to share printers like this between laptops running wirelessly and wired PCs, so it is really confusing why the netgear isn't able to do this. I am using our last name as the name of the network group instead of MSHOME. I have tried the Vista computer with firewall on and off, so I don't think this is the problem. The vista computer shows the network as having the residential gateway and my dad's vista computer only. I am thinking that if I can get the Vista computer to "see" the Win XP laptop, then the sharing problem will be solved, but so far am having no luck.

If anyone has set up a network with the WPN824v2 before and knows how to get a wired Vista PC to share a printer with a wireless XP laptop, would love to hear from you,