Question Nettop Asrock freezes or bsod

Oct 5, 2020
I received my new Deskmini A300 with BIOS 3.60 yesterday and installed Win10. The problem is that sometimes it completely freezes randomly or BSOD occurs, regardless of whether there is a load on the CPU or GPU or not. The Athlon 200GE processor temperature at these moments does not exceed 50 degrees.
I checked the memory with the memtest86 free program several times and there were no problems, then I noticed that memtest tests only 6gb and not the entire 8gb capacity, I tried to reduce the UMA Frame Buffer Size value in the BIOS so that memtest would show more memory, but this does not work, BIOS just doesn't store the new value.
When I was just assembling the PC, the BIOS determined by default the frequency of the module 2666Mhz, but I changed this value to 3200Mhz, MAYBE THIS IS A PROBLEM? As far as I know, graphics need good memory bandwidth, and since memory allows it, I thought, why would I leave 2666.
Installed one 8Gb memory module (mta8atf1g64hz-3g2j1) with 8 Micron chips (9XJ45 D9WSM), 4 chips on each side.
Yes, I know that this module is not in the list of compatible ones, but there is no way to return it back to the store and buy a new one :(

I set the memory frequency to 2666, but it did not help, the computer also sometimes freezes or shows bsod:
Stop code: Video_tdr_failure
What failed: Atikmpag.sys
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