Da Big Gohunay

Feb 26, 2019
Hello all, I recently have started to have a issue with limited internet speed on my desktop. My current speed is 80mb download rate, and my laptop gets it just fine (laptop asus G751JY). However my desktop is another story, it only gets 8mb download speed.

I have done the following, I have reset the modem/router 3-4 times now (yes it is a all in one) (Model C3000Z), I have kicked all the devices off the modem more than a couple times now. As well as unplug it in and out (I dont even know how many times), I have also gone into the modems IP and reset it to factory default settings numerous times. None of these have had any effect.

However recently I reset my network adapter on my computer causing my computer to restart, and for a good minute after startup I had a the full 80mb download back. After that minute though it went back to 8mb and has not come back since. (laptop still has no issues achieving the 80mb).
Desktop is currently plugged via ethernet, however it also has a wireless network adapter installed into the PCI 1x slot and it gives the exact same performance in terms of speed its receiving...so I know its something on my computers end.

If anyone could help me I would be much appreciative!!!

PC Specs https://pcpartpicker.com/list/7y8G4q


Try another known working Ethernet cable.

Ensure that only one network adapter is enabled: either wired or wireless. Not both together.

Physically remove the wireless adapter in the PCI 1x slot.

Download, reinstall, and reconfigure the applicable network adapter drivers via the manufacturer's website.

If not resolved then run and post the results of "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) via the command prompt.


Oct 22, 2016
go to network adapter, go into properties on the Ethernet connection, when box opens click on configure, when that box opens click on advanced tab, then scroll down to speed and duplex, click on that, when side window opens set it to 1gbps full duplex and hit ok. See if that helps.