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Question Network attached drives shows as offline after restart

May 7, 2020
So i have a small local bussines of film making. For that i build 2 similar PC's. One has a 8700(non k), 1070 ,64gb ram 2666, on a asus prime 370+.
The other one is a 7700(non k) also 64gb ram all paired with a 1060 on a strix B250f. I have a nas on which i store my files , so both pc can edit from one place. My problem is , that once i start the pc, the 7700 machine strarts connected to the nas,(the "network storage device" looks normal , no x in the corner) it works just as you'd expected. The 8700, shows the drive but it has an x on the bottom corner . The drive still works, i can connect to it , as soon as i open any of the drives they refresh and the x dissapears. My problem is , that the software i use to edit videos won't use the drives while they have the x. Aslo while i power on the pc, an windows critical error "GONG" can be heared while booting up. I also found that if i disable windows spotlight, it doesn't do the critical error gong, and it doesn't show the drives as offline. The 7700 one has windows spotlight on and it never had such a problem. I also have a laptop(pentium silver) that i use for remote access other servers. It has the same problem. Anyone has any clue why this is happening on my 8700 and pentium, and the 7700 doesn't do it? I have a suspicion that it doesn't do it because it has a gaming motherboard?