Question Network card GTS FC-518LS driver problem

Mar 26, 2020
I simply can't find the driver for this card and windows won't install it automatically , i'm struggling at this for 3 days already.
if any of you can lend a hand , i'm happy to do anything at this point.
Motherboard: DG33FBC(B)
CPU: q6600 quad core 2.4ghz
RAM: 8GB 800mhz
Video card: gt440 1gb

The card when pc is turned on and cable plugged in has a permanent green led on that turns off when unplugged . And a red led that doesn't turn on , or blink.

Right now i am using USB tethering from my phone and everything works just fine.

The on-board network card doesn't have any leds turned on while cable is both plugged and not plugged but has a driver installed (Intel(R) 82566DC-2 Gigabit Network Connection)
The PCI card appears in Other devices as "PCI Simple Communications Controller" whit a orange triangle next to it.

Btw , i just bought this whole system 3 days ago and the seller showed me on camera that with a network card internet was working , but him neither could install a driver for the on-board network card . He told me that the last time he used it it was working fine . I'll just assume it never worked .
The important part is that i saw internet could work with a network card.

Thanks for reading , i'm waiting on replies.