Network compatability


Sep 30, 2002
Subject: Quirky Start-up

Hello fellow Microsquish consumers,
I have 2 questions/problems. Recently I have been having problems with XP locking up at the initial status bar. Finally, had gotten it to start regularilly ( a Long and winding SAGA) Now I am having the lockups again after uninstalling windows hotfix 811493. This was done because a super forum veteran (Toey) recommended it. I just got back up by doing a system resore point which of course re-installed this Hotfix.
This leads me to my primary question ; I also have a GIS workstation running Windows 2000. Due to a bad installation of Oracle which messed up my ArcGIS program I wish to do a system restore to an eariler point. I can not find or determine how to do a system restore under WIN 2000. Please Advise....
Both Machines used to run 2000 but I had to reformat my main machine and decided to install XP. Now both Machines can "see" the map Plotter, but can not see each other. Eventually if this start up issue is resolved I plan to have both machines running XP. Does everyone agree that this would be superior to WIN 2000? Are Win 2000 and XP non-compatible on such a small scale network?? Thank You _ Morgan


Jan 6, 2002
Windows 2000 does not have a system restore utility built in like XP does. As far as seeing each other, w2k was made with security for a business environment that would want to have higer security settings. To get any computer to see anything on w2k you need to have the same user setup with the same password on each computer(Peer to Peer) or enable the Guest account in w2k. Windows XP defaults to use what is called "Simple File Sharing" and also has the guest acount enabled by default. They made XP to be Home user friendly. in XP Home you will not be able to turn off simple sharing, but in XP Pro you can. More then likely you should be able to access anything on the XP machine from the 2k machine but not the other way around.

Hope this helps

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