Question Network connectivity issue with HUAWEI HG8145v5 when gaming ?

May 10, 2022
Hello , i have been facing this problem for a long time and i did not know where to ask for help and i decided to ask here. I think that the main problem is with my router because i have this problem only on my network , when i connect to other wifi i dont have any problems. When i play games and i connect to server i get disconnected in maximum 30-50seconds , my internet is not going down ( apps in background are working Discord , Teamspeak etc.. ) im just getting disconnected from the server and when i go in again the same thing happens idk how many times. Just an example when i play CS:GO i connect to the server , i get disconnected and when i go in again i can play without a problem .. Do you have any idea why my internet connection is timing out and what im supposed to do to fix this problem ?
( I have just problem when im playing games , i dont have any problem outside from the games. )
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Could be you are getting packet loss which a game is much more sensitve to than other applications. You might hear it in things like teamspeak if it is enough loss.

I would leave a constant ping run to and see if you are getting packet loss or large latency (ie over 100ms) spikes. Best if you do this on ethernet because wifi tends to have issues randomly and it might hide a problem with your internet connection.