Question Network for small business wireless network

Jun 9, 2019
Hi all,

I was looking for advice, I am tasked with upgrading the wireless network for a Studio / Church where it has anywhere from 100-200 people inside maybe around under 50 active users at high loads. but generally on average it's under 100 with maybe around under 30 active users.

The current solution has been dropping/ shutting down and just flaking out.

What I was looking at was the following from Cisco for Wireless APs to place on both ends of the building

Cisco WAP150 Wireless-AC/N Dual Radio Access Point Specifications : Up to 64 connective users, 10 active users per radio


Cisco WAP371 Wireless-AC/N Dual Radio Access Point Specifications: Up to 64 connective users, 30 active users per radio

These APs will be placed on the second floor with the lan room being on the first floor, so I am also looking for a router a small business to connect these to, I was looking at the following and having a hard time deciding so if anyone has any suggestions or insight I would much appreciate it

CISCO RV160W-A-K9-NA RV160W Wireless-AC VPN Router

I noticed this has VPN which isn't needed here so if anyone had a suggestion that will take the load and has dual band frequency if possible