Network infrastructure for a small telecom bussiness


Jun 19, 2009
Good day,

What are the things every small bussiness needs when it comes to IT infrastructure.

Please point out if i have forgotten something

1) Internet duh "I have internet connections from three different isp's ,1 main and 2 backup"

2)Load balancer acting as an isa server and a dhcp server

3) Voip phones "wonder if i need this for a bussiness that has 30 to 40 employees"

4) Ups and a back ups in case of electrical shortages.

5)PBX or small phone switching system

Anything else?



Mar 25, 2014
The communication itself in the world of telecommunications services is vital. It applies not only to persons engaged in phone calls, or using the Internet, but also to the people, who make all of that possible.

Operators providing both landline telephony services, as well as Internet access, often operate on the local market. Having to deal with a relatively small number of customers, no matter whether they are hundreds or thousands of people, you should always have in mind that the recipient is the most important element in this process. The correct relationship with your clients will help to strengthen the brand of the product, as well as create an opportunity to attract new customers.

Simplification of procedures is one part of the improvement of such relations, but their proper functioning depends on two important factors: time and mistake. Time plays vital role, because the efficient management of a network of hundreds of customers is generating a huge workload , which consumes long hours from your employees' time. This influences the second factor - inevitable mistakes made by even the best-organized employee. In addition, a complex legislation and often a lack of complementarity between different bills results in the fact, that one provider may make a number of agreements, which significantly differ from each other in almost every way.

From the service provider's point of view there is another extremely important element - implementing a flexible commission system and its efficient settlement on the basis of agreements with distributors and the level on which they are fulfilling their responsibilities.

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