Network (internet speed) problem


Aug 1, 2012
Hi there, first of i would like to wish you all a happy and successful new year.

With that being said i would like to adress my issue in hopes that someone might be able to help me.

So my problem is, when taking messurements on my download speed is at 1.72 Mbps but when testing that on my other pc and my brothers laptop they all have higher resoults; Brother gets up to 2.30 sometimes and my other pc goes around 2.1 .

I have noticed a few strange things happening.

1. When taking the test on my pc at the start the speed goes up quite a bit then goes down to 1.5 for a sec and after that it is stable at 1.71-1.72 till the end of the whole download test. But when testing on my other pc and brothers laptop their test is skyrocketing up and down the whole time it is quite unstable to them.

2. When i disable my anti virus i get speeds up to 1.85 but even with that it is still quite the difference between me and others.

3. When doing tests in safe mode to prevent apps from interfering my speed is once again at 1.71 like when having my anti vir turned on in normal mode but the ping is better it goes down from (40-50) to (20-30).

PC stats:

1. My pc: Win 7 Use 2 cards one integrated from the mobo and one that i purchased some time ago, the nic settings are set to automatic but even when changing to 100/ full duplex it is all the same. I use Free AVG anti vir and Comodo firewall.
2. My other pc: XP prof integrated net card and Avast anti vir.
3. My brothers laptop win 7 avast anti vir.

All PCs were tested wired, none of them was on wireless. I tried swaping cables, ports on router and tested both of my cards on the pc but nothing helps.
Tried runing TCPOptimizer With Optimal radio button selected and speed put to 3Mbps, stayed the same.

What bothers me most is that my tests are stable on 1.71 and that makes me think it is something software related, and i doubt it is some kind of malware.

NOTE: Router firewall is disabled.

Some info on this would be greatly apriciated, thank you.