Question Network Issue? in Windows 10 with Remote Desktop


Nov 25, 2011
Working on a computer running Windows 10 Pro 1903 that is functioning as a file server - a fresh install of Windows 10 as of last night.
The computer normally runs headless, and they use RDP to access it from computers in the other room. For some reason since the clean install of Windows 10 last night I keep having network issues with the machine after I disconnect from Remote Desktop and try to start a second remote session some time later.
E.G. Initially when I boot the computer the file shares come up, everything works good, I can connect with remote desktop. Once I log out of remote desktop and then try to log in again later everything seems to stop working. I can still ping the computer with no issues, but the mapped drives become unresponsive and I can't open them or navigate through the folders. Remote desktop will go as far as to show that it is logging into the user profile, but will freeze at this point, and eventually will just close. After this happens I can't access the computer until it is rebooted. It doesn't matter if I wait 30 seconds between remote sessions or if I wait over an hour between sessions, the same thing happens each time. I've checked the event logs and there doesn't seem to be much of any relevance to this.

Any idea what could be going on here? I'm somewhat stumped giving this is a clean install of windows barely 12 hours old