Question Network PC Slow Data Transfer Speeds


Jul 2, 2014
Earlier this year I build a new windows 10 machine and used it as a low load NAS / Minecraft Server. For months things were fine. I would get an average transfer speed of 110 mb/s. Recently the speed has gotten worse and I am transferring at an average speed of 11 mb/s. Both computers are wired.
Server Specs:
Ryzen 3 2200g
AsRock B450M-HDV Motherboard
32GB DDR4-3200
WD Green 240GB M.2 (C Drive)
2x WD Red HDD 5400 RPM (Mirrored through Disk Manager in windows 10. This is the network drive.)
I have about 2TB of the 4 TB used so far. I have also run Crystal Disk Mark on the drives. I have the results from When I first built it and the results now.
Before and after is located Here
Could it be that the hard drive is just getting full and becoming slower? At any given time the most that the computer is doing would be transferring data and running a Minecraft server with ~5 people on it. But even when the MC server is empty the transfer speeds are still slow.