Network printer wont print for hp laserjet 4200 and hp laserjet 3055


Dec 18, 2012
i have a small network of computers and printers in my tax office and consist of three computers running in window xp professional, one computer is designated as the server workstation and the c drive is the share drive and the other two work stations are mapped to the share drive c on the server workstation . so i am using peer to peer networking and these three computers are connected by a seven port router and two other printer are attached to the router also. i am having a problem printing from the computers to these printers, one is a hp laserjet 4200 and another is a hp laserjet all in one 3055. In the past i just click and i would print, but a few day ago when i click print from either workstation it would que it to printing but it would have a message that it could not find my printer on the network. dont know why it all of a sudden stop working. do not know anything about setting up a printer on a network. do note the printers are connected to the router and not directly to the server workstation computer via usb. So the two workstation and the server workstation have the printer software on the C drive of each computer but for some reason it could not find the printers on the network. How can i get some help in networking a hp laserjet 4200 and Hp laserjet 3055 in a network that is connected by by one seven port router. why is the printers not in the network? What do i have to do to have it into the network?your help is much appreciated. thanks richie


Take a look in your router and make sure that the printers have a static IP address that has not changed. You may need to reinstall the network printers once they have a stable static IP address.

Generally, printers that have a dynamic address can cause issue like this, or if somehow the static addresses are changed, so reset the addresses and reinstall the printers at the new addresses.


Sep 8, 2012
I'll vote that the IP addresses have changed and you may have to go to the computers, delete the existing printers and re-add them as Network Printers. You shouldn't have to re-load any drivers. Deleting the Old Printers is merely discarding their MAC-IP Addressed "identities" and re-adding them will use the new "identity" for each.